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You'd think most pirates would be pretty skinny, stuck out on the open sea for months on end. But without a lot of ways to exercise, and drinking all that rum, some pirates managed to get quite large indeed. With one of our cool Plus Size Men's Pirate Costumes, you'll be sailing the seven seas in no time, singing pirate shanties and searching for buried treasure with your mates. Pirate costumes are always very popular, partially due to to the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, and partially because pirates are just awesome! And their outfits were so much fun and had so much variety, that you can be sure nobody else will have the exact same pirate costume that you do. Get your friends to put together their own ideas, and get a whole crew together for your next Halloween party.

Pirates Mens - Men's Blackbeard Plus Size Costume

Men's Blackbeard Plus Size Costume

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Pirates Mens - Swashbuckler Costume

Swashbuckler Costume

Our Price: $40.44
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Pirate costumes are really made in the accessories. Things like hook hands, peg legs, and eye patches are fun pirate accessories that you can use, but not to excess. No pirate had one of each. But if you use them sparingly, and split them up between your whole pirate crew, then you'll look like an even more authentic group. Check out our collection of swords and flintlock pistols as well, so that you'll be prepared to do battle to claim the treasure that is rightfully yours.

Go on an epic adventure this Halloween, with your very own plus size pirate costume!

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