Expand your horizons and take a look at our wonderful collection of plus size international costumes. Get one of these outfits and wear it to your next Halloween event or theme party, you will appear exotic to everyone because they might not be used to diversity and creativity. So, bring something new to your group of friends and make them more cultured. We have a great variety of outfits, including items for both men and women, so you are bound to find something you enjoy.

International - Adult Bavarian Guy Adult Costume

Adult Bavarian Guy Adult Costume

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International - Adult Plus Toga Costume

Adult Plus Toga Costume

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International - Senorita Elite Plus Costume for Women

Senorita Elite Plus Costume for Women

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International - Mexican Men's Poncho

Mexican Men's Poncho

Our Price: $15.99
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One of the most common internationally-themed parties is a toga party, as popularized by National Lampoon's Animal House. We have awesome Greek and Roman outfits for men, including togas as well as fierce warrior costumes. You can also dress up as a German or Bavarian man who is completely ready for Oktoberfest, or you can celebrate Mexican heritage with an elaborately-designed poncho and a sombrero. Of course, we cannot forget the Irishmen and the Scots, with their plaid kilts and matching sashes, as well as their berets. So put on your drinking cap and get ready for an international celebration.

With this vast selection of international costumes, women can become all different types of worldly characters. You can dress up as a Greek or Roman goddess, or you can embrace Mexican culture with a sexy senorita outfit of your own. Also, you can dress up as a sexy Scottish party girl, or you can become a French can-can dancer. You can even become a viking maiden with one of these outfits.

Explore the world for Halloween and get one of these international plus size costumes tin a size that fits you perfectly!

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