If you love and respect our Native American culture then you definitely want to check out our amazing collection of plus size Indian costumes. We have a wide variety of Native American outfits for both men and women, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding the perfect item for your next Halloween event or theme party. Recreate the first Thanksgiving and have some friends dress up as Pilgrims. There is so much you can do when you dress up as the indigenous people of our great country.

Indians - Adult Plus Indian Maiden Costume

Adult Plus Indian Maiden Costume

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Indians - Maiden Indian Plus Women's Costume

Maiden Indian Plus Women's Costume

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Female Native Americans had a distinct style. The best example of this would be the character Pocahontas, from the Disney movie of the same name. Native American women wore tan or brown dresses with fringe and elaborate tribal decorations. They also wore headbands that matched their outfits, as well as elaborately-designed jewelry to complement their dresses. Women often wore boots with fringe and fur to protect their feet from the weather and the elements. So browse through our collection and choose a Native American outfit that will have men trying to get you back to their teepees.

Male American Indians also dressed in a distinct way. They often wore long tan pants and shirts or cloaks, decorated with fringe and elaborate tribal patterns. Sometimes, these patterns held specific meanings, perhaps signifying rank in the tribe. For example, the chief would have a certain design on his clothing, and he would wear a specific headpiece with feathers. Many Native American men are also depicted as sporting face paint, which was usually a sign of the warrior.

Unleash the wild west, and get one of these plus size Indian costumes for Halloween!

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