We have an impressive supply of group ensembles that stretch across an array of different themes and styles. Group costumes is where you look if you are planning to go out partying with a group of friends and want to match, or if you are looking for a popular character's costume that's from a group, like the Addams Family or Scooby Doo. Going out with your friends always makes the night more fun and if you're matching in a hilarious get-up that will make the night more memorable. Our collection of Plus Size Group Costumes is filled with hilarious, fun, and eye catching Halloween ensembles that you and your friends will love.

Our selection of group ensembles covers a lot of themes and characters. All of the groups from your favorite shows or movies can be found by browsing through this extensive selection. We have superhero groups like The Avengers and cartoon groups like The Flintstones. Group ensembles cover so much we couldn't possibly list them all, but this section is easy to search through to find your favorites. You can get your girlfriends together and go out as all of the Spice Girls or if you're a guy you can convince your brother or best friend to match with you as Mario and Luigi. The choices include South Park characters, the iconic characters from Star Wars, the wacky Looney Tunes animals, or that crazy Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and 2 from Dr. Seuss.

The available choices in this section is enormous so that everyone can find something they want. Going out in matching or grouped ensembles can be really fun and you are your friends can be the highlight of the Halloween party. Settle on a theme you can all enjoy and order your favorite costumes today!

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