Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek themed ensembles are always fun and unique choices for Halloween. You'll look great as Caesar or a brave warrior and ladies will be stunning dressed as a goddess of Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. Many of these pieces feature simple white tunics or togas with gold headpieces or embellishments to act as accents on the ensemble. Dress up as Caesar and rule over the Halloween party or pick out a beautiful goddess piece to capture the hearts of mortals. The myths and legends of Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman civilizations survive to this day and dressing up in one of our Plus Size Ancient Greek and Roman Costumes will make your Halloween a blast this year.

Greek/Roman - Adult Plus Toga Costume

Adult Plus Toga Costume

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Greek/Roman - Plus Size Toga! Toga! Unisex Costume

Plus Size Toga! Toga! Unisex Costume

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Greek/Roman - Adult's Plus Size Hercules Costume

Adult's Plus Size Hercules Costume

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Women have a lot of great options to choose from and you can be a vision of beauty in one of our goddess ensemble. Most of these outfits feature a foundation of a white tunic, but some feature a beautiful blending of colors that fade to white to give you a divine appearance. Some of these togas feature an off the shoulder look, while others provide you with a shrug to drape around your shoulders. Many of these ensembles feature eye catching Roman or Greek designs in a trim at the hem or waistline and you can distinguish yourself as a goddess by adding one of our many headpiece choices. These outfits go great with accessories like gold arm bands and gold coin necklaces.

For men, we offer some fun Roman and Greek soldier, senator, and Caesar ensembles. You can dress just like Hercules ready to go off with the Argonauts or like a noble Senator or ruler. These ensembles vary greatly in style, with some featuring white or black tunics and others are colored red or purple. The men's ensembles feature robe sashes or gold cording details. Browse through our accessories to find the perfect piece for your character like a prop sword or a Caesar Laurel Leaf Crown.

Place yourself in one of the biggest empires of the Ancient World and dress in one of our fantastic plus size Ancient Roman or Greek ensembles. You'll certainly stick out apart from the werewolves and vampires when you're dressed like the mighty Hercules. Browse through these fun ensembles and select your favorite today.

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