Go with a classic costume idea this Halloween and check out some of these amazing Plus Size Gothic and Vampire Costumes. Year after year, vampires are one of the most sought after and popular theme choices. The vampire character itself has become a symbol of Halloween, much like the ghost and the witch. The Gothic style also goes very well with the holiday, capturing its dark and sinister spirit. If you want a classic Halloween costume idea, search through this category to find tons of spooky vampire ensembles.

The vampire is one of those timeless characters that won't go out of style. Dressing up as a blood sucking Count is always a fun idea. We have a lot to choose from in this category, but all of the ensembles are dark and Gothic in style. This section features sexy and flirty vampire outfits, while others are Victorian or Gothic in design and feature a more medieval style. Whether you envision yourself as a sexy vampire temptress or a sinister Countess, we have just the look for you. Many of these pieces feature that iconic high stand up collar and sheer lace accents with the classic red and black styling.

We also offer some great choices for men in this genre. You can look just like the Count with an elegant satin cape with a high collar. We have several options to choose from, but all feature the classic Count look, with a vest and cravat ascot. This Gothic take on the Vampire brings the character back to its original imagining and offers an elegance that makes it easy to lure in your victims.

Vampires will never go out of style, especially on Halloween. The vampire is a timeless character and a perfect costume choice for you this Halloween. Our vampire ensembles are styled in the Gothic manner like the monster was first depicted and all of these pieces are eye catching and detailed. Order your favorite today!

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