Our impressive catalog of Plus Size Fairytale Costumes is filled with all of your favorite fairytale characters and some really fun Halloween outfits. Even into adulthood, the stories of bravery and romance captured in a fairytale add a little bit of magic to our everyday life. Timeless characters and their tales can be brought to life this Halloween if you choose one of these great pieces. Think back to your childhood and remember your favorite fairytale. Was it Snow White or Cinderella? Perhaps it was Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood. No matter which tale was your favorite, we have an ensemble for you. Search through for your favorite fairytale character and order an eye catching and fun Halloween ensemble today!

Fairytale - Sexy Evil Queen Plus Women's costume

Sexy Evil Queen Plus Women's costume

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Fairytale - Men's Robin Hood Plus Size Costume

Men's Robin Hood Plus Size Costume

Our Price: $53.99
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Women have a lot to choose from in this genre. Cast aside your ideas of maybe being a witch or a sexy nurse this Halloween. How often are you going to get a chance to be a princess for a day? We have all of the popular fairytale characters for women including Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and much more. These ensembles perfectly capture the look of all of your favorite characters from their stories and Disney movies. We often have multiple versions of each character's ensemble so you can choose the specific one you like the best. All of these fun outfits are bright, colorful, and really cute. You'll certainly stand out at that big Halloween party you've been looking forward to and every guy will try to get a dance with you to be your Prince Charming.

Fairytale costumes aren't just for women and we offer some really great choices for men in this genre as well. Sweep your lovely lady off her feet with our Prince Charming ensemble or gobble them up dressed in our Big Bad Wolf piece. If you want something a little more heroic, check out our Robin Hood outfit which you can further accessorize with one of our prop bow and arrow sets.

Plus size fairytale costumes are so much fun and we offer some really great choices. The characters in these tales are instantly recognizable and iconic figures in literature and culture. Search through this category and find one that suits you best today.

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