Halloween is a time when you can really let your imagination run wild. If you have always been a fan of fairy tales then you've come to the right place to hunt for a Halloween outfit. We offer a great collection of Plus Size Fairy Costumes. These cute and colorful pieces are really fun to wear out on Halloween night and it's a unique costume choice that you can stand out in. Fairies are hardly ever the main characters in their stories, but they always help out with their magic. Often, the hero could never have saved the day if it wasn't for a fairy or two. Make a fairy the main character for once, even if it is just for one night, and go out dressed in a wonderful fairy costume.

Fairy - Sexy Women's Plus Size Leprechaun Costume

Sexy Women's Plus Size Leprechaun Costume

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The friendly and magical nature of the fairies makes them great characters to choose for a Halloween outfit. We offer a couple different varieties in fairy and pixie ensembles so you can pick out your favorite. These outfits feature sheer tulle fabric accents with sparkling accents and ivy vine detailing to give you the ethereal and magical look of a woodland pixie. We also offer choices in red and a cute and fun leprechaun outfit.

Fairy costumes are a lot of fun and they're a great choice for a Halloween outfit. Dressing up in one our cute fairy or pixie ensembles is a great way to get an eye catching and imaginative look and you'll stand out at any party wearing one of our fairy ensembles. We have some great looking choices that we know you'll love so search through and find the perfect one for you.

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