Our selection of Plus Size Egyptian and Arabian Costumes includes some wonderfully detailed, fun, and eye catching pieces. Egyptian inspired ensembles are always popular Halloween outfit choices and for good reason. These items are all brightly colored and feature a ton of detailing and accessorizing to make them very visually engaging. Women can look absolutely stunning and provocative dressed as Cleopatra and men have a host of fun characters to choose from in this category as well. Egyptian and Arabian themed Halloween outfits are a really unique idea too that will help you stand out at that big party you've been waiting for. We're positive you can find something you love for a great low price so search through our stock of Egyptian and Arabian outfits and pick out your favorite today.

Egyptian/Arabian - Plus Size Adult Black Roman Tunic Costume

Plus Size Adult Black Roman Tunic Costume

Our Price: $22.47
Out of Stock
Egyptian/Arabian - Men's Sheik Plus Size Costume

Men's Sheik Plus Size Costume

Our Price: $33.27
Out of Stock
Egyptian/Arabian - Adult Plus Gypsy Rose Costume

Adult Plus Gypsy Rose Costume

Our Price: $35.99
Out of Stock

Women have several choices in this genre. We offer some fun gypsy and Arabian themed outfits. Some of our fortune teller and gypsy outfits are very eye catching and they feature fun accents like gold coin trims and bright, vivid colors. The multifaceted nature of these ensembles with fun pieces like a headdress, waist sash, and jewelry makes these outfits a lot of fun to wear. You also have Cleopatra ensembles in several varieties. These outfits feature flowing white tunics with Egyptian styled designs and trims, along with a gold headpiece to distinguish you as royalty.

We offer some great choices for men in this section as well. We offer an Arabian themed Sheik outfit that features a traditional blue striped robe with a hood and a sash over a white tunic. We also offer a fun Marc Anthony inspired outfit after the man that paired with the Queen of the Nile in an attempt to boost his own chances of becoming Caesar.

Egyptian and Arabian themed ensembles are bright and colorful and feature a lot of individual pieces, which is what makes these items so eye catching and fun to wear. With cute headdresses, colorful ensembles, and eye catching accents, it's no wonder these Egyptian and Arabian plus size costumes for men and women are flying off the shelves.

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