Halloween may be every little kid's favorite holiday, but celebrating the evening only gets more fun as you grow older. If you're headed to a fun Halloween party this year, dress up in one of our drinking themed ensembles. You can be the life of the party and help set the mood high with your Halloween outfit. Humorous costumes are much better ideas for adults and adult parties. They can lighten the mood and get a laugh out of everybody while the party gets going. If you dress in a funny drinking themed outfit, your friends or family members will know that you really came to party. Feel free to indulge and imbibe some drinks this Halloween and search through this fun collection of Plus Size Drinking Costumes to find the perfect choice for you.

Drinking - Women's Dr. Shots Plus Size Costume

Women's Dr. Shots Plus Size Costume

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For women, we offer a really fun 'Dr. Shots' ensemble. This humorous take on a doctor's outfit features a white lab coat and a red medical patch and a name tag sewn on the chest. The special feature that makes this ensemble so funny is the inclusion of the hypodermic needles. These fake, oversized needles look like they're filled up with liquor and ready for injection. Just carry around a bottle of your favorite medicine and you're all set to go, although you may have more sickly patients in need of a shot than you expected!

For men, we sell a really funny old fashioned bartender outfit. This bartender looks like he's been pulled right out of the old wild, wild, west. This ensemble package gets you a button up, collared white shirt with an attached red vest. The bow tie, soda holsters, and arm garters add a nice touch, but the apron pulls the whole outfit together and adds a nice finishing touch. We also sell a funny old fashioned handlebar mustache that would look great along with the costume.

Drinking themed Halloween costumes are always so much fun. They allow you to be the life of the party and an instigator of the festivities. We offer some unique choices within this genre so browse through and pick out your favorite today!

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