Capture the spirit and the groovy vibe of the 1970's with some of our fun Plus Size Disco Costumes. The disco craze swept the nation in the 70's and provided us with some great inspiration for Halloween costumes along the way. With bell bottoms, sequined shirts, and a wild style that was made for the dance floor, disco style was just as unique and fun as the music itself. Disco themed costumes certainly stand out and you can be the life of the party in one. We offer a wide variety of styles so you can find the perfect choice for you.

Disco - Lady's Plus Size Disco Diva Costume

Lady's Plus Size Disco Diva Costume

Our Price: $36.97
In Stock
Disco - Men's Plus Size Disco Fever Costume

Men's Plus Size Disco Fever Costume

Our Price: $39.97
In Stock
Disco - Plus Size Disco Gold Women's Costume

Plus Size Disco Gold Women's Costume

Our Price: $42.99
In Stock

For women, we offer some really stunning pieces. Disco style lends itself to some really energetic and fun outfits that you'll love wearing out on Halloween. Some of our choices feature mini skirt dresses with bell cut sleeves, while others feature loose bell bottom pants. The patterns on the dresses are really eye catching and engaging, featuring technicolor patterns with swirling, funky designs. One thing is for sure, you will always stand out dressed in something disco themed.

Men have some great choices to browse through as well. The classic 70's Disco look for men included tight white pants that opened up into bell bottoms and some sparkling, eye catching tops. Many of our ensemble's shirts feature gold, other bright colors, or a technicolor pattern and are covered in sequins that really shimmer and shine. We also offer an all white jacket, vest, and pants set for high class party-goers.

Disco style is so fun and that's why Halloween costumes done in this theme are so eye catching. Some of these outfits might be considered tacky for modern everyday wear, but they are right at home on Halloween. If you are looking for a unique and funny idea that will make you stand out, then search through our Disco Costumes and order your favorite ensemble today.

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