Saddle up and lasso in a fun Halloween outfit this year off of our Plus Size Cowboy and Cowgirl Costumes. Year after year, cowboy and cowgirl outfits are always popular and for good reason. The rough and tumble attitude of the wild, wild west lends itself to some interesting characters and fun costumes. Let your imagination run wild and dress up like a cowpoke, Old West bandit, or a saloon girl. We offer a wide variety of styles and designs within this genre so that everyone can find something they like.

Cowboys/Cowgirls - Adult Plus Rawhide Renegade Costume

Adult Plus Rawhide Renegade Costume

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Cowboys/Cowgirls - Adult Plus Saloon Girl Costume

Adult Plus Saloon Girl Costume

Our Price: $49.99
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Cowboys/Cowgirls - Men's Cowboy Shirt

Men's Cowboy Shirt

Our Price: $17.99
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For women, we have some really cool outfits available. We have several varieties of the saloon girl look that feature flared, ruffled skirts and feathered headpieces. If you see yourself as more of a ranch wrangling cowgirl than a dancer, we have a great ensemble for you too. The all black cowgirl outfit gives you a tough and provocative look at the same time, with a big cowboy hat and a fun rhinestone encrusted top.

The cowboy character is an iconic figure in American history. The no-man's land code of the West bred hard-nosed, tough, and grisly men. You can dress up as a bandit, sheriff, or regular ole' rancher with some of the great choices we have available in this category. We even have a fun old fashioned bartender outfit and a Woody from Toy Story ensemble.

The cowgirl and cowboy look is very detailed and features several different pieces to the complete ensemble. Between the classic cowboy hat and accessories like bandanas, lassos, big buckled belts, and more, you get a really engaging and eye catching look. Women can look stunning and sexy as a cowgirl or saloon girl and you'll certainly stand out apart from the crowd at your Halloween party dressed as such. Search through this fun category of plus size Western costumes and pick out the perfect ensemble for you.

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