A colorful clown costume is a great way to stand out this Halloween. A clown outfit may be an interesting choice on Halloween, but making a unique and different choice can often be a lot more fun than going with something so common, like a werewolf or a vampire. Clowns are bright and colorful and bursting at the seams with wacky patterns and designs. The antics and absurdity of a clown is part of their appeal, but their appearance is just as key. Stand out in bold colors and a goofy look this year and you'll have a great time. Plus, some people actually find clowns frightening and if you know of a friend that does, that might make this the perfect costume choice for you. Search through our stock of Plus Size Clown Costumes for your favorite and order yours today.

Clowns - Clown Costume for Plus Size Men

Clown Costume for Plus Size Men

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Clowns - Adult Plus Giggles the Clown Costume

Adult Plus Giggles the Clown Costume

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Our clown ensemble choices for women are really eye catching and fun. The women's clown ensemble consists of a polka dotted frock with comical bloomers and funny shoes. You have several choices in color scheme and you can also select from a wide variety of wigs and other clown accessories to personalize your look. Our choices for men include a two tone blazer over a polka dot vest and vertical stripped pants. The ensembles are brightly colored for an entertaining and engaging appearance.

Clown costumes can be a lot of fun and they're a unique Halloween outfit choice. Search through our supply of fun clown outfits and pick out your favorite today. Dressing up in a funny outfit when everyone else is wearing something spooky is a great way to stand out and be the life of the party. You'll have an amazing Halloween if you're out dressed in one of these fun ensembles, so quit clowning around and order your favorite today!

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