Your days of dance routines and making human pyramids will be back when you try on one of our fun and functional Plus Cheerleader Costumes. These outfits will remind you of the hours of cheer practice in high school. If you weren't a part of the squad, here's your chance to give it a try. This Halloween, you'll become the official motivator for everyone present at the Halloween party.

Our dresses come in a variety of styles. These cheer uniforms are bright, feature straight lines, and typically have two or more colors that represent the pride of the school or university. If you can find a uniform that matches the colors from your own school, then you'll have the right outfit to wear this October. Your friends will freak out when they see you in one of these outfits.

In addition to the right uniform you'll also need the right set of pom poms. The ones we feature have short handles that have attached dangling strands. With a little bit of practice the routines will come to you and you'll put on a show that will inspire the audience to cheer louder and behave a little crazier.

When wearing a cheerleader costume it'll be up to you to maintain a steady level of excitement during the party. We believe you're up for the task and will succeed in producing a winning dance routine.

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