Natural elegance will be so fitting on you when you decide to go out this Halloween dressed in one of our colorful and unique Plus Size Bee, Bug and Butterfly Costumes. These outfits are impressively crafted and would be fun to wear for more than just a Halloween party. Springtime will be upon you again before you know, so keep the outfits in mind during a flowery event.

Color is the most important facet of these styles. Bees and ladybugs are perhaps the two best examples of elegance and charm, and these outfits are some of the most riveting we've had in a long time. We feature several different types of insect costumes in plus sizes designed to be cute dresses that vary from sweet to sexy. It will be impossible not to take notice of you when you arrive at the next party.

Stripes and polka dots lend their design well to some creative jewelry and makeup work. We love that these outfits offer you a chance to do something different from everyone else who will surely be wearing something more standard. You'll add a bit of springtime charm to a cool October night.

These bug and bee costumes are far more than they seem. Just because you wear plus size doesn't mean you should compromise style. Check out our items so you can float like a butterly and sting like a bee.

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