Be a blessing from above, a glimmer of hope among the wretched, and any other number of things when wearing one of our tantalizing and cute Plus Size Angel Costumes. These outfits vary greatly and will give you a nice selection that you never thought possible. Your instincts brought you to the right place, now here's why one of these costumes is right for you.

Angels - Women's Heaven Sent Plus Size Costume

Women's Heaven Sent Plus Size Costume

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Angels - Plus Size Women's Heavenly Angel Costume

Plus Size Women's Heavenly Angel Costume

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Whether you think of it yourself or others tell you on a daily basis, you're the type of woman who understands people's troubles and is always willing to help. If that doesn't warrant angel status then we don't know what does. The costume would be fitting and flattering as all of them are designed for accentuating your curves in a charming way. You'll look like one of the representations of angels found in centuries-old cathedrals.

A stunning white dress, a set of wings you wear as if putting on a backpack, and a headband that makes it appear like you've got a halo floating over your head are standard with every angel costume. You'll brighten up any dark room filled with people dressed as ghouls and dead things. Halloween is spooky and fun, but that doesn't mean you can't shed a bit of refreshing light onto the party.

The angel costumes in plus size are elegant and easy outfits to wear. You'll be charmed by the fact that you do not have to spend wasteful minutes with several pieces to get your outfit looking flawless. One zip and you'll be ready to head out in one of these.

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