If you are attending or throwing an over-the-top 80s-themed party, then you have come to the right place. We have a wonderfully-retro collection of plus size 80s costumes and accessories that will make your friends or guests think they actually went back in time. So take a look at all of the items in this category, and embrace the ridiculous look of the decade that bridged the disco era with the grunge and Internet age. We have items for both men and women, so you are bound to find something perfect for you.

80's - Women's Plus Size 80s Punk Costume

Women's Plus Size 80s Punk Costume

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80's - Women's 80s Pop Party Plus Size Costume

Women's 80s Pop Party Plus Size Costume

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Fashion in the 1980s was an obvious evolution of the far out fashion from the 60s and 70s. Women of the 80s usually wore bright neon colors and ripped sleeves or tights. Chicks also colored their hair in styles that would seem strange to us nowadays, and everyone had an obsession with metallic shirts and pants. Female fashion in the 80s consisted of neon-colored legwarmers and an exorbitant amount of bracelets to complement outfits that already looked absurd.

There seemed to exist a fine line between absurdity and glamorous, though. Guys loved dress up like glam rockers for some reason, and some even enjoyed dressing up as Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Toward the end of the 1980s, hip hop music began to catch on, and 80s fashion began to change drastically. Hip hop artists helped popularize baggy clothing, and it was Hammertime before we knew it.

Become a blast from the past and get one of these plus size 80s costumes today!

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