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Our mens Halloween costumes are designed to do two things: save you money and let you party in style. Rather than creating your own homemade costume, we give you a professional look that leaves your wallet stuffed. Because men know what they want when they shop, we made it easy to shop for all of your mens Halloween costumes. From movie costumes to pirate costumes, our mens section is locked, stocked, and loaded.

Top 5 Mens Halloween Costumes for Dressing to Impress

Although the focus of Halloween is put upon costumes, it can also be an especially perfect time to find yourself a seductive partner-in-crime. Rather than panic and worry about which mens Halloween costumes work best, we have compiled a list of our personal favorites. From partying to trick-or-treating, and everything in between, these are some of the most impressive mens Halloween costumes we have to offer.

Police Officer: As ZZ Top said so many years ago, Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man, and this Police Officer costume continues that trend. If you find yourself in need of a fashionable uniform that utilizes a stereotypical image, this is one of the ideal mens Halloween costumes for you. The costume includes a short sleeve shirt with patches and badge, pants, utility belt, and hat with badge.

mens costumes officer

Noble Knight: There has yet to be a more manly, symbolic uniform than the medieval knight, who rescues princesses, slays dragons, and generally saves the day. Storm any Halloween castle and you are sure to find the damsel-in-distress waiting for your arrival. Noble Knight mens Halloween costumes include tunic with attached sleeves, belt, and boot covers. Does not include sword, pants, or shoes.

mens costumes knight

Western Wandering Gunman: Clint Eastwood created the iconic image of the cowboy, and now you can appreciate that image with the Western Wandering Gunman costume. Similar to the legendry of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood revolutionized the cowboy genre, causing women everywhere to swoon for his company. Each of these mens Halloween costumes include a brown poncho with white designs, and a vest with attached shirt and necktie. Does not include cigar or six-shooter.

mens costumes western

High Flyer: Since the explosive arrival of Top Gun, aviator pilots have joined the ranks of one of the sexiest mens Halloween costumes. The dangerous lifestyle, the military training, and the aviator glasses all combine to give you an impressive image for this year's Halloween. Each costume includes top, jacket, faux shirt front, and hat. Does not include glasses or shoes.

mens costumes high flyer

Swashbuckler: Everyone has, at some point, imagined living the life of a pirate. With these swashbuckler mens Halloween costumes, that dream is one step closer to reality. Steal into a party, bombard your guests with your charming personality, then light up the night with some swashbuckling fun. Each costume includes jacket with attached shirt, belt, chest straps, waist sash, and head scarf. Does not include shoes or eye patch.

mens costumes swashbuckler

As much as mens costumes need to look good, they also need to be modern, which is why we carry the latest mens movie costumes. From Thor to Iron Man, Spiderman to Batman, Captain America to Harry Potter, our mens costumes replicates the big screen movie. You'll be fighting crime and carrying out masked vigilantism in no time.

Sometimes a man just needs to party and have a great time, and we have the mens costumes for just the thing. Our dark humor has forced us to carry the best funny mens costumes available. Whether you want to be the center of attention or cause some serious laughing attacks, our funny mens costumes are built to kill with laughter.

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