Get a little dirty this Halloween, and purchase a Men's Rated-R Costume. If you want an outfit for your party that will really get people cracking up then you are in luck, because these designs are hilarious. This whole section is filed with sexual innuendos, and who doesn't like a good innuendo? Show off your sense of humor this year. Girls love a guy who can make them laugh, and even if you're not such a smooth talker, you'll be able to get her laughing with just your look alone.

Rated-R - Hot Dog Vendor Dirty Apron

Hot Dog Vendor Dirty Apron

Our Price: $26.99
Out of Stock
Rated-R - Halloweenie Men's Costume

Halloweenie Men's Costume

Our Price: $62.99
Out of Stock
Rated-R - Wanna See My Nuts Costume for Adults

Wanna See My Nuts Costume for Adults

Our Price: $64.79
In Stock

Don't like filthy jokes? Well then this is probably not the costume genre for you. But if you have an open sense of humor then I'm sure you will love these designs. Most of these outfits are based off of penis jokes, like an ensemble focused around morning wood and one about a snake charmer. You can guess what they entail. Some of them don't bother hiding behind jokes, such as a giant penis or shocker jumpsuit. You might offend, but who cares? You don't have any time for overly sensitive people.

Halloween started as a holiday to terrorize, but it is slowly turning into one where everyone tries to be the funniest person at the party. Let us help you out with that, and purchase one of these R-Rated adults' ensemble.

People will be talking about your outfit all night. If you want to be the center of attention in a great way then the best way to do it is with a Rated-R costume for men.

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