Pop/Rock Stars

Jump on stage and hear thousands of fans screaming your name. Being a musical performer is a fantasy of many, so turn that fantasy into reality for Halloween night, and buy a men's Pop or Rock Star Costume. Maybe your voice is awful, you can't play an instrument, and you really have no musical talent at all. That's OK. Half of the pop stars out there don't have any talent anyway. What you really need is the look of a star, and you can get that with these outfits.

Pop/Rock Stars - Men's LMFAO I'm Sexy Sky Blu Costume

Men's LMFAO I'm Sexy Sky Blu Costume

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock
Pop/Rock Stars - Rapper Bling Bling Men's Adult Costume

Rapper Bling Bling Men's Adult Costume

Our Price: $26.99
Out of Stock

Whether you want to shred on a guitar, bang on some drums, dance around, or belt loud lyrics, you can at least look like you can do those things with these designs. We have a lot of your favorite artists, from the guys in LMFAO to the heavy metalers in Slipknot. It's your time to rock the party with a Party Rock costumes. Who wouldn't want the life of a rock or pop star? You get to travel around the world, perform for the biggest crowds, and have everyone clamoring for the next sound to come out of your mouth. Live the dream with one of our adults pop and rock star ensembles.

You can be a policeman or a superhero for Halloween, but who really gets more love than a top of the charts musician? Soak yourself in the adoration of all your fans, and buy a men's pop or rock star costume.

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