Nothing matches the manliness of our men's pirate costumes, and we have more than enough amazing pieces for you to design your own crew of scallywags. Gather up your friends and find yourselves a grand time this Halloween, searching for treasure and scouring the seven seas of your neighborhood. Since our stock contains only the best of pirate gear, you are bound to find the kind of outfit you need to bombard your Halloween with cannonballs of fun.

Pirate - Swashbuckler Costume

Swashbuckler Costume

Our Price: $44.99
In Stock
Pirate - Distressed Men's Brown Vest

Distressed Men's Brown Vest

Our Price: $26.97
Out of Stock
Pirate - Rouge Pirate High Seas Costume for Men

Rouge Pirate High Seas Costume for Men

Our Price: $144.99
Out of Stock
Pirate - Adult Barnacle Bill Costume

Adult Barnacle Bill Costume

Our Price: $99.99
Out of Stock

Since there are dozens of varying pirate styles within our selection, you need to think about what kind of pirate you want to be for Halloween. We have loads of Pirates of the Caribbean outfits, if you want to be like your favorite character from the hit film franchise, along with traditional swashbuckler and scallywag looks, if you want to go old school. All in all, you are bound to find the exact match for your Halloween experience, no matter what kind of pirate you want to be.

All of our Halloween items are priced to meet your financial expectations. Our passion for producing quality Halloween costumes forces us to include only the best products in our collection, so you know that shopping here will definitely find you the best value and quality. Shipping is always affordable and secure, as well! This goes the same for our accessories, which are important to any great look. What self-respecting pirate goes around without a sword?

Get into a boatload of trouble this Halloween, with your very own pirate costume!

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