The beautiful beaches of Hawaii are calling you, but maybe you can't afford a Hawaiian vacation. That's alright, who can? Get the second best thing, by an extremely wide margin unfortunately, and buy a Men's Luau Costume. You can join the fun event this Halloween or theme party, when you are Hula dancing around in one of these lovely outfits. The fires stoked and the sweet sounds of the ukulele are in the background. Yeah, it is going to be a fun night.

Luau - Adult Wanna Nookie Costume

Adult Wanna Nookie Costume

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Luau - Men's Tiki Warrior  Costume

Men's Tiki Warrior Costume

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Whether you want to look like a corny tourist, or a native to the land, is up to you, because we have outfits for both. No matter what you do, you have to get the classic Hawaiian Leis, because it just wouldn't be a Luau without someone getting Leied. Besides the Leis, we have the grass skirts, floral headbands, and Hawaiian shirts that will put you in the perfect mood for a beach gathering.

You don't need to be on a beautiful island to have an exciting Luau. Just throw a theme party, dress up in one of these costumes, and use your imagination. Forget the sand and the waves crashing. You don't need to hear the shore. Put on one of those nature soundtracks of the beach. There are your wave crashing sounds. Change up your normal party routine, and get in the mindset of a Luau.

Whether you're stuck in town or you finally saved up enough money for that island vacation, these Luau men's costumes will be perfect for you.

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