Before the dawn of hair gel, hipsters, and popped collars, men were known to be tough as nails, and our men's Historical costumes are a great way to recreate that rough and tough nature. Look at Teddy Roosevelt, who rode a moose across a lake, or George Washington, who replaced his teeth with wood. These men had coal in their veins and patriotism in their hearts, which is why these pieces make such astonishing additions to any Halloween party.

Historic/Patriotic - Deluxe Adult Uncle Sam

Deluxe Adult Uncle Sam

Our Price: $149.99
In Stock
Historic/Patriotic - Adult Frontiersman Costume

Adult Frontiersman Costume

Our Price: $45.97
Out of Stock
Historic/Patriotic - Men's Ben Franklin Costume

Men's Ben Franklin Costume

Our Price: $42.99
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Historic/Patriotic - Men's Pioneer Suede Jacket

Men's Pioneer Suede Jacket

Our Price: $45.97
Out of Stock

From pilgrim to revolutionary, Roman to samurai, our historical outfits will have you feeling truly part of a time lost to history. Every one of our styles has been designed to help replicate the sensation of living in a forgotten era. Whether you want to be an American Indian or a British officer, we have anything you could ever desire. If you feel brave enough to venture this Halloween as a man of legend, we have exactly what you need to make it happen.

While life in the past was riddled with smallpox and tyranny, our costumes come with neither. We want to make sure that you enjoy every moment of your Halloween, and we aim to make it happen. The coolest thing about this section is that there are so many different styles to choose from. Different time periods, cultures, and even nations are all represented in this clever, creative section.

Celebrate your own past, or that of another culture, with your very own historical costume!

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