Spend a little extra money to get a look that is truly authentic. Whether you are trying to blow your Halloween party away, you're putting on a play production, you like to do war reenactments, or you want to look terrific at Comic Con, these Men's Designer Costumes will have you looking darn good.

Designer - Mushtastic Suit Costume for Adults

Mushtastic Suit Costume for Adults

Our Price: $119.99
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Designer - Adult Renaissance Prince Costume

Adult Renaissance Prince Costume

Our Price: $124.99
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Designer - Men's King Tut Regency Collection Costume

Men's King Tut Regency Collection Costume

Our Price: $219.97
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Get your character down to every fine detail. The material of the clothes, the colors, and the design just look that much better than any normal Halloween costumes. If quality is what you want, then quality is what you'll get.

Fully immerse yourself in the role you want to play. The designer men's outfits will get you closer than ever to the person you are trying to become when you put it on. Travel back in time with our ensembles that represent old eras, such as times when there were Egyptian princes, Mayan Warriors, and Civil War generals. Or remain current, and buy an outfit straight from a new movie or video game. What ever your fancy is, we will be sure to tickle it.

If you are looking for something cheap then you are in the wrong place. The attire in this section is top of the line and will last you for years to come. Don't worry about any rips or tears when you wear this stuff out. Sometimes Halloween costumes have a bad habit of coming undone during the middle of the party. Kick that habit, and buy one of our designer costumes for men.

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