Whether you're stealing the heart of your lover or running from the law, our men's convict costumes will make you feel just like you've entered into a life of crime. There are a number of different typical prisoner outfit colors, from orange to black and white, and even blue. We have all of these bases covered, so the law will be on your trail in no time. Be sure to keep a low profile, and stick to the bushes this Halloween. The last thing you need is to get picked up by Johnny Law, because we all know you were framed.

Convicts - Adult's Cannibal Psycho Costume

Adult's Cannibal Psycho Costume

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock
Convicts - Man's Prisoner Costume

Man's Prisoner Costume

Our Price: $26.97
In Stock
Convicts - Men's Jailbird Plus Size Costume

Men's Jailbird Plus Size Costume

Our Price: $25.19
In Stock
Convicts - Adult Jail Bird Costume

Adult Jail Bird Costume

Our Price: $26.09
In Stock
Convicts - Men's Jailhouse Jumpsuit Costume

Men's Jailhouse Jumpsuit Costume

Our Price: $33.27
In Stock
Convicts - Mob Boss Costume for Men

Mob Boss Costume for Men

Our Price: $61.19
In Stock
Convicts - Mobster Costume for Adults

Mobster Costume for Adults

Our Price: $35.99
In Stock

Being on the run is a tiring and stressful life, but one of these authentic looking pieces can give you all of the fun, and none of the stress. Most people have to earn their convict suit by committing a heinous crime, but you can get yours without the worry of actually spending a night in a cell. As long as you have an aspiring goal of being a mastermind criminal, we can provide you the duds that you need to sell it.

Looking like a convict requires a specific blend of humor and deviance, and our pieces are the genuine article that combine both for you. People will stop, stare, and wonder about the legality of your civilian status, until they see that it's you, their buddy. Take your time and look around until you find the piece that really suits your needs. Whether you want to be an old school member of a chain gang, or you want to be a new age criminal, confined to solitary, we have everything you could possibly need to sell it.

If you want a costume that is so great it shouldn't be legal, then one of our convict costumes is just for you!

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