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Bring your favorite forms of entertainment to life, and buy one of these Men's Board and Video Game Costumes. Whether it is a game from the 80's or one that just came out, we have plenty of options in this section. Put down the video game remotes and introduce yourself to the real world. It'll be quite a fun place this Halloween, when you are dancing around dressed as your favorite character. You can also go classic, and show off the designs based off of your favorite board games as a child. There are definitely plenty of great game options to choose from.

Board Games - Deluxe Adult Mario Costume

Deluxe Adult Mario Costume

Our Price: $59.97
In Stock
Board Games - Adult Arkham Batman Muscle Chest Costume

Adult Arkham Batman Muscle Chest Costume

Our Price: $57.99
Out of Stock
Board Games - Adult Arkham Robin Muscle Chest Costume

Adult Arkham Robin Muscle Chest Costume

Our Price: $57.99
Out of Stock

Are you into the original hits like the Mario Brothers or Zelda? Or maybe you are more of a new aged, Halo and Assassins Creed guy? It doesn't matter, we have them all, and they are all super authentic looking. You'll look like you just jumped out of the TV and decided to spend this night partying with real people. Are fighter games your thing? Then dress up as a Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat character. First person shooters? Be a Master Chief. Level up, map games? Speed around ramps as Sonic. The possibilities are endless.

As far as board games go, who wouldn't want to be the Monopoly Man for Halloween? With his cool little monocle and top hat, you'll look hilarious for the holiday. Or go as a whole game in our foam, over the head outfits.

Don't be a noob. Buy one of these video game or board games costumes, and level up this Halloween.

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