With the detail and mysticism surrounding Biblical stories, it is no wonder that we stock only the best men's biblical costumes. From Joseph to the Wise Men and everything in between, we have all of the biblical outfits you could ever be looking for. There are so many characters in the Bible that all you have to do is wander through our section until you find the story you wish to represent. There are also a ton of opportunities for group pieces, as many of the stories contain multiple characters. And because all of our pieces are priced competitively, you are sure to find your next Halloween outfit with ease.

Biblical/Religious - Men's Joseph Costume

Men's Joseph Costume

Our Price: $59.99
In Stock
Biblical/Religious - Men's Gaspar Costume

Men's Gaspar Costume

Our Price: $72.97
In Stock
Biblical/Religious - Adult's Rabbi Costume

Adult's Rabbi Costume

Our Price: $34.97
In Stock
Biblical/Religious - Men's Balthazar Costume

Men's Balthazar Costume

Our Price: $74.99
In Stock
Biblical/Religious - Men's Biblical Shepherd Costume

Men's Biblical Shepherd Costume

Our Price: $69.99
In Stock

Biblical stories represent such powerful stories and morals that you feel proud wearing them. Whether you just want to dress as your favorite character, or you are involved in a staged production of one of your favorite stories, these costumes will have you fit to play the part. Put one on, try it out, and wear it around for a bit, because biblical fashions are much different than our own. Get used to wearing this ancient ensemble, and bring the stories to life.

Like the stories in the Bible, our costumes are all of the highest quality. They are designed with your financial needs in mind, as well as the fact that we know you want to have the best outfit out of all of your friends. Look through our selection and find the match that makes your friends scream with delight.

You'll have a religious experience this Halloween, with your very own biblical costume!

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