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With all of the candy and kids costumes, it is no wonder that Halloween is a favorite amongst children. If your child is getting excited for this year's Halloween, we have the discount outfits you need to put a smile on their face. No matter the occasion, no matter the reason, our selection will provide you with a plethora of costume ideas, so your child is always having fun.

Best Super Mario Kids Costumes

Video games have taken society by storm, and there seems to be no stopping their progressive popularity. Halloween is the perfect time to show off your child's love for their favorite digital characters. Each of these kids costumes help your child get right into the costumed fun of Halloween, while appreciating the digital phenomena of video games. Let's get to it:

Toad: Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach would be nothing without the trusty help of Toad, a friend so loyal that nothing can separate him from his friends. Toad has survived numerous Super Mario video games and revisions, always coming out on top and teaching our heroes a lesson about friendship. This Officially Licensed Nintendo Toad costume comes with the vest and cap. It does not include the shirt, shoes, or pants.

kids costumes Princess Peach: This Officially Licensed Nintendo Princess Peach costume recreates the digital magic of one of the most famous characters of all time. Princess Peach is always finding herself caught in adventure and turmoil, and now your Halloween can get a bit of the fun. This Princess Peach costume includes the dress and headpiece.

kids costumes

Luigi: The infamous partner-in-crime is yours to appreciate with this Luigi costume. Officially Licensed and designed by Nintendo, this is one of the closest recreations of the original Luigi character. The costume includes jumpsuit, hat, and mustache, but it does not include the shoes. Combine it with any other Super Mario kids costumes to create a group theme.

kids costumes

Mario: No other Super Mario kids costumes can compete with the iconic imagery of this Officially Licensed Mario costume. Nintendo went to great lengths to replicate the original Mario costume, so your child gets an intense Mario experience. The costume includes jumpsuit, hat, gloves, mustache, and inflatable belly. Does not include shoes.

kids costumes

Whether your child wants to be the Super Mario hero or the heroine, these kids costumes are perfect for accenting and heightening your Halloween experience. Jumping straight out of the television and into your life, Mario and his friends are here to go on an adventure.

While homemade get-ups are great, they lack the authenticity that child seek. They want their costumes to look just like the characters they see on TV. Every one of our styles are made to withstand the effects of youthful playing. Plus, we offer a large selection of affordable and cheap costumes, so you never have to worry about breaking the bank.

Every child should have the chance to fully enjoy the sensational experience of Halloween. This is the one holiday when they can act wild and crazy and no one will think anything of it. Let them look through our kids costumes and see if one catches their attention. From boys costumes to girls costumes, we are your go-to Halloween store for kids costumes.

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