What's more iconic than a witch on Halloween? The witch is a classic Halloween monster character that is synonymous with the holiday itself. One of the most recognizable figures in fairy tales and spooky stories, the witch is a really fun character to play on Halloween. Whether you want to play a specific witch from a fairy tale like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty or the Wicked Witch of the West from Oz, or you just want to dress up as a classic green-faced witch, we have everything you need to look your spookiest. Our collection of Infant and Toddler Witch Costumes has some really great choices. These fun and eye catching ensembles will transform you into a scary sorceress so don't miss out and pick out your favorite today!

Witch - Toddler's Glitter Witch Costume

Toddler's Glitter Witch Costume

Our Price: $28.99
In Stock
Witch - Deluxe Toddler Girl's Cute Witch Costume

Deluxe Toddler Girl's Cute Witch Costume

Our Price: $35.09
Out of Stock
Witch - Darling Little Witch Costume for Toddlers

Darling Little Witch Costume for Toddlers

Our Price: $31.49
Out of Stock

We have some really great selections for girls in the toddler age range. These fun ensembles feature jagged cut skirts and sleeves and autumnal colors. One choice features the classic black dressed witch look, while another is brighter and more colorful. All choices feature that iconic pointed witch's hat. Witches are the go-to character for Halloween because they are a timeless and age-old character. Witches have been casting spells in cauldrons and flying on broomsticks forever and they make really fun characters to play on Halloween.

If you're trying to come up with ideas for a Halloween ensemble for your little girl, stay with the classics. A witch outfit is always fun and eye catching and we offer some choices that cute and adorable too. Don't forget to browse through our accessories page for fun add on ideas like a broomstick or green face paint!

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