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Everybody appreciates a good television or movie reference, especially when you incorporate your children. This Halloween, you can have your son or daughter portray a character from your favorite movie or television program, and you can even make it part of an awesome group ensemble. Check out our phenomenal collection of infant-toddler TV & movie costumes and enjoy all of the compliments from neighbors and friends.

Dress up the whole family as the Flintstones, or form a group of superheroes to save the day. Your son can be the Robin to your Batman, or he can be the Batman to your Robin. Transform the entire family into the colorful residents of Sesame Street, or become everyone's favorite characters from the Star Wars movies. Dress up your little girl as Dorothy and have the rest of the family portray the rest of the Wizard of Oz crew. Your little one can be a character from one of the famous Disney movies, and your daughter can even become a Disney princess!

What's funnier than a baby dressed up like Elvis? (Okay, probably a bunch of babies dressed up like Elvis.) Your little celebrity can become a variety of characters from your favorite television programs and motion pictures, and everybody will recognize him or her immediately. Sometimes, it is more fun to dress up as a identifiable character than to dress up as a spooky Halloween character. Television and movie references can be scary, funny, or nostalgic for adults.

So choose your favorite character and get one of these infant-toddler TV & movie costumes today!

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