Include your infant or toddler in the Halloween festivities and check out some of these adorable Infant and Toddler Horror Costumes. Our selection of Halloween outfits for infants and young children is filled with cute and fun choices that your little one will love. Don't leave them home with a babysitter when you go out for that big Halloween party. They'll have so much fun watching their parents all dressed up and they'll be so happy to be included. Browse through our available choices and pick out your favorite today.

Horror - Infant L'Vampire Costume

Infant L'Vampire Costume

Our Price: $26.97
In Stock
Horror - Count Cutie Costume for Toddlers

Count Cutie Costume for Toddlers

Our Price: $31.49
In Stock
Horror - Charmed Witch Girl's Costume

Charmed Witch Girl's Costume

Our Price: $28.99
In Stock
Horror - Toddler's Vampire Costume

Toddler's Vampire Costume

Our Price: $9.99
Out of Stock
Horror - Dapper Vampire Costume for Toddlers

Dapper Vampire Costume for Toddlers

Our Price: $25.19
Out of Stock

Your infant and toddler will look adorable dressed up as a classic Halloween character and we have some really great options for you to choose from. From Frankenstein to Dracula to a cute witch ensemble, we can help outfit your young child to get in the spirit of the spooky holiday. Our infant and toddler pieces are all soft, comfy plush jumpsuits or onesies. The toddler girl's witch costume is a multi-piece ensemble with a cute, classic witch hat and a tutu based outfit. Our Frankenstein options feature a fuzzy onesie and an adorable character headpiece to look just like the green, bolt-brained monster. Our costumes are available in infant or toddler appropriate sizing so babies to little kids are covered.

Including your little son or daughter is a great way to make Halloween a fun family event. With the whole family dressed up in funny costumes, your kid is bound to have a blast. These fuzzy plush jumpsuits transform your kids into little Halloween monsters, but we know they're really angels. Browse through these fun choices and select the costume perfect for you and your little one today.

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