Wings, glitter, and wands combine to create a whimsical look that enchants and amazes. If your child has ever hoped to become a mystical fairy, then these Halloween outfits will give her the opportunity. Each one of our infant-toddler fairy costumes will have your daughter fluttering freely through the night, scooping up candy and handing out smiles.

Fairy - Quality Toddler Abby Cadabby Costume

Quality Toddler Abby Cadabby Costume

Our Price: $29.99
Out of Stock
Fairy - Toddler Plum Pixie Costume

Toddler Plum Pixie Costume

Our Price: $26.99
In Stock

With the right combination of pixie dust and fairy wings, your child's fairy outfit will shine and shimmer. And unlike other Halloween costumes, our fairy outfits help embody the joyfulness of being young. Your child grows up too fast already, so there is no need to put her in Halloween attire that makes her look older. Celebrate your little girl's youth with one of our infant or toddler fairy costumes.

Whether you are searching for kids fairy outfits or simply brainstorming ideas for your child's Halloween costume, be sure to browse through our selection of fairy items for infants and toddlers. Each one could have your daughter looking like magic this Halloween. With our low prices, these fairy outfits will undoubtedly satisfy both you and your child – and we know how difficult it is to make a little girl happy sometimes. Fairies lead busy lives and have various mystical responsibilities, but our infant-toddler fairy costumes can help your daughter keep up with all of it.

So check out our magical collection today!

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