If your little girl is tough as nails, then you might want to check out our amazing collection of cowgirl costumes for infants and toddlers. This Halloween, you can dress up your daughter as a cute little cowgirl from the Wild West. None of the boys will mess with her because they know that there isn't enough room in this town for the both of them. So if a boy rubs your cowgirl the wrong way, then she can just hogtie him up with her lasso.

Cowgirls - Wild Wild West Toddler Pink Cutie Costume

Wild Wild West Toddler Pink Cutie Costume

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Cowgirls - Cowgirl Costume for Toddler

Cowgirl Costume for Toddler

Our Price: $29.99
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Similar to cowboys, cowgirls have outfits that are characterized by a pair of denim pants or a skirt, as well as a shirt with a vest. They are often depicted as wearing a pair of cowboy boots and, of course, a cowboy hat. Sometimes cowgirls that like to be fashionable will wear pink boots and a pink hat, and they might even wear wristbands or sleeves with pink fringe. A cowgirl's belt always features a large bright buckle, and if she is carrying a gun, you bet your behind she knows how to use it. So stick 'em up and don't doubt a cowgirl's toughness.

Some cowgirls are better horseback riders than their cowboy counterparts, and some even possess superior skills in lassoing and gun-wielding. So if you are staring down the barrel of a gun, sometimes it might be better for you if there is a cowboy behind it because when a cowgirl takes a shot, she rarely misses.

Turn Halloween into a rodeo with a country-western style toddler's cowgirl costume!

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