Some clowns are terrifying; others are just plain creepy. Sometimes, clowns are even kind of funny. But on rare occasions, clowns can be flat out adorable. Take a look at our wonderful collection of clown costumes for infants and toddlers and dress up your little one like a colorful clown character this Halloween. Your tiny clown will be adorable to most people, but it might also be creepy or terrifying to kids that are afraid of clowns, which would in turn be humorous for you and your child.

Clown - Toddler's Big Top Clown Costume

Toddler's Big Top Clown Costume

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Clown - Toddler Girls Big Top Fun Costume

Toddler Girls Big Top Fun Costume

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We have a wide variety of clown outfits for both boys and girls, infants and toddlers. You are bound to see something you like (if you like clowns), and your child is undoubtedly going to look cute in whatever it is. You can either turn your child into a colorful clown with patches and makeup, or you can transform your daughter into an entertaining harlequin. Encourage your son or daughter to be silly this Halloween, and he or she can amuse the rest of the neighborhood while trick-or-treating. Some of your neighbors might even make your child earn the candy with a joke or trick.

If you think about it, your child already possesses many of the qualities of a typical clown. For example, your son or daughter probably rides a tiny bike, constantly trips over his/her own feet, and somehow manages to make a mess with anything. Sometimes your child is a sad clown, sometimes your child is a happy clown, and when you drive him/her and his/her little friends around, it is probably like a bunch of clowns squeezing into a clown car.

Make these Infant-Toddler clown costumes one of your top picks for Halloween!

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