You don't have to break the bank to get a memorable Halloween costume for your child. This year, minimize the damage on your wallet and look through our amazing collection of clearance costumes for infants and toddlers. Search for the perfect item for your son or daughter, and don't feel bad about it afterward. The outfit is only going to be worn once or twice anyway, so there is no need to go crazy with the details.

We guarantee that you will find something you like in the clearance section. We have a wide variety of items for infants and toddlers, and there is something for everyone. Your son can dress up as a character from Pixar movies such as Toy Story or Cars, or your daughter can become an adorable kitty or poodle. You can dress up your child as a famous character from Dr. Seuss books such as The Cat in the Hat, or you can turn your child into a cuddly little tiger or bear. The possibilities are nearly endless, with outfits that range from popular cartoon characters to bugs to Christmas-themed characters such as Santa Claus.

Your son or daughter will feel better on Halloween because you won't have to squeeze them into some complex expensive costume, and you won't have to make them wear uncomfortable accessories that "complement" the outfit. You will also feel better because you won't be spending a fortune on an outfit that your child will only wear once or twice and then grow out of by next year.

Check out these infant or toddler clearance costumes and save!

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