We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit – how about you? If your little girl loves gymnastics, shouting, and dancing, then she is bound to love our collection of cheerleader costumes for toddlers. This selection of outfits is certainly something to cheer about. So dress up your daughter as a gleeful supporter of her football or basketball team, and let her lead the neighborhood into an eruption of excitement.

Cheerleading began as a way of supporting college athletic teams in the late 1800s, with origins tracing back to Princeton University and the University of Minnesota. Nowadays, girls begin cheerleading at a young age, usually involved with activities such as gymnastics, tumbling, and dancing as well. A heavy majority of young cheerleaders are female, but at the collegiate level, the division of participants is about fifty percent male and fifty percent female. This, of course, is because high school and college cheerleading routines involved high-flying stunts; usually, the males are responsible for throwing their female teammates in the air and catching them safely.

There are many professional sports teams that have cheerleaders of their own, including teams from the National Basketball Association and the National Football League. In the NFL, the most popular group of cheerleaders is that of the Dallas Cowboys, who are known for their revealing outfits and complex dance routines. Other professional teams that have cheerleaders include the NFL's New York Jets, who have "The Flight Crew," and Major League Baseball's Florida Marlins, who have the "Marlin Mermaids." Cheerleading is an extremely popular activity – even Barbie was a cheerleader at one point.

Let your daughter show her team spirit this Halloween, in an infant-toddler cheerleader costume!

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