SuperHeroes Boy

Search through our extensive collection of Infant and Toddler Superhero Boys Costumes for a fun Halloween outfit idea. Superheroes are always a popular choice on Halloween and for good reason. Comic book and movie heroes capture a young kid's imagination and their heroic deeds are always entertaining adventures. Whether you're a Marvel or a DC enthusiast, we have a ton of great costumes that can outfit you just like your favorite hero. You might not be old enough to take on crime fighting just yet, but you can at least look the part with some of these amazing superhero suits. Browse through this category and pick out your favorite today.

SuperHeroes Boy - Incredible Hulk Toddler Muscle Costume

Incredible Hulk Toddler Muscle Costume

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SuperHeroes Boy - Infant Superman Costume

Infant Superman Costume

Our Price: $19.99
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SuperHeroes Boy - Infant The Batman Costume

Infant The Batman Costume

Our Price: $19.99
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A super powered superhero always wears a costume so that his or her secret identity won't be revealed. How would any of your friends or family be able to tell that its you under that mask and not the real Batman? Our collection of characters includes Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Robin, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and more. We have awesome X Men ensembles and outfits that transform you into one of the Transformers as well. All of our superhero suits are available in multiple styles so you can pick out your favorite. This includes classic jumpsuits, foam padded muscle detailed ensembles, and varieties in style and quality so you can get just what you're looking for.

Superheroes are always a highlight of costume parties on Halloween. What little kid wouldn't want to be a superhero for a day? Browse through this fun category and find the perfect ensemble for you.

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