Our infant-toddler Biblical costumes combine faith with the fun of Halloween. Each one is designed to resemble an animal that would have been on Noah's Ark, giving your child a chance to connect his or her outfit with a Biblical story. Now you can turn Halloween into an exciting religious experience for both you and your child.

Biblical/Religious - Kids Toddler Rabbi Costume

Kids Toddler Rabbi Costume

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From newborn to toddler, our Biblical Halloween items are sure to have your son or daughter smiling wide. And comfort is always our priority, so you never have to worry about your child becoming irritated with the outfit. Everybody knows that once the baby gets irritated, others are bound to get irritated as well – that kind of stuff is contagious! But with these items, you can go about your Halloween night in peace, knowing that your child is both comfortable and satisfied with his or her Biblical costume.

Providing a religious and spiritual foundation for children helps give them the necessary tools to enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest. Our infant-toddler Biblical costumes make the act of learning about religion that much more entertaining. Now your child can easily connect to the Noah's Ark story, painting an elaborate picture forever in his or her mind. So if you are going to dress up your son or daughter as a character from a book, why not a character from the good book?

The prices are affordable and the quality is superb, so get one of these Biblical items today!

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