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A great Halloween costume doesn't have to cost you a small fortune. We have an excellent selection of fun and eye catching Halloween outfits at a great low price. All of the pieces featured in this category are a great value buy. This category provides you with cool costumes your child will love at a fraction of the normal cost. Shopping on a budget doesn't mean you have to have a homemade costume or a last year's model. We always include popular and favorite ensemble choices so everyone can find something they love to wear on Halloween. Search through our stock of Infant and Toddler Below Cost Sale Costumes and find the perfect outfit for you and your child.

Below Cost Sale - Hillbilly Tee Costume for Toddlers

Hillbilly Tee Costume for Toddlers

Our Price: $7.99
In Stock
Below Cost Sale - Toddler's Vampire Costume

Toddler's Vampire Costume

Our Price: $9.99
Out of Stock
Below Cost Sale - Infant Pinky Winky Monster Costume

Infant Pinky Winky Monster Costume

Our Price: $11.99
In Stock

It's always a lot of fun to involve the youngest in the festivities. Having your infant or toddler come along to your Halloween party is a great way to introduce them to the holiday and they'll get so many ‘Aww's' dressed up in their cute costumes that they'll be the highlight of the night. Finding infant and toddler costumes can sometime be a difficult task. That's why we offer a whole separate category for toddlers, so parents can find appropriately sized ensembles made specifically for their age group. All of the items in this category are perfect for the toddler age group and we have some pieces that they'll absolutely love to dress up in.

No need to break the bank this Halloween with our great collection of Infant and Toddler Below Cost Sale Costumes. We have great selections that your child AND your wallet will love. Browse through our collection and pick out your favorite today!

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