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Neon colors, frizzy hair, leopard skin tights! How could the style of the 1980s not make for a great Halloween costume today? Dress your little one up in the wardrobe that you used to wear with any number of our toddlers 80s costumes. We offer a wide selection of boys and girls outfits that will transform them into an 80s baby in the blink of an eye. You'll love taking them out trick or treating when they look like a pop diva like Madonna or the singer of a hair-metal band. 80s were all about access, so we strive to offer you a choice of ensembles that epitomize this unforgettable look.

80s Costumes - Toddler's 1980s Pop Party Costume

Toddler's 1980s Pop Party Costume

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The only thing louder than the music during the 80s was the hair! That's why the fashion of the era makes for amazing Halloween ensembles. When it comes to the little ones we strive to offer you the best selection of 80s inspired toddler and infant outfits that are made of high quality, comfortable material. We have pop diva getups for your daughter and frizzy hair neon rocker outfits for your son. In addition to our outfits we can also offer you a wide selection of accessories include a frizzy haired wig, dark sunglasses, and little booties. Get your camera ready when you son or daughter struts their stuff through the neighborhood in one of these outrageous outfits.

Who says the 80s are over? The style of this unforgettable era lives on with a new generation with our Infant and Toddler 80s costumes.

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