60's Costumes

It'll be Woodstock all over again this Halloween when your baby dons one of our toddler 60's Costumes. These high quality, authentic ensembles replicate the look and feel of counter culture styles of the Hippies. These baby sized ensembles are made for boys and girls. In addition to hippie and mod ensembles we also carry a large selection of 60s inspired accessories such as necklaces, sunglasses, and other jewelry.

60's Costumes - Elvis Onesie Newborn and Infant  Costume

Elvis Onesie Newborn and Infant Costume

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The 60s were a time of mass movement away from the main stream. Everyone was turning on, tuning in, and dropping out so you can expect that the style of our outfits expresses this radical sentiment. With outrageous colors and psychedelic patterns, we have some of the most unique ensembles on the market to date. We have colorful dresses and baby outfits that are absolutely irresistible! Your little one will look like a little flower baby when you take them trick or treating through the neighborhood this year. We strive to offer you a selection of wardrobe that epitomizes the culture and style of the 1960s for your infant or toddler.

Even though the 60s have come and gone the affect of the culture and style still lives on today. So hark back to those radical times with any one of our 60's Costumes. You'll instill the ideas and fashion of a generation that changed the world forever in your child this Halloween you dress them up in one of these outfits.

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