If your daughter wants a truly frightening outfit for Halloween, she should wear a girls' zombie costume. Zombies are the undead who still walk the earth looking. Our selections include macabre outfits, such as a child's robe and PJ set inspired by the Walking Dead TV show. We also have makeup kits in our accessories section.Zombie lore had evolved over the years. In Africa and Haiti, there are legends about the power of a bokor, or sorcerer, who can bring people back from the dead. These undead have no will of their own and remain controlled by the bokor. Some believe that actual Zombies do exist, though they are not dead, just under the influence of more than one potent psychoactive drug.

Zombies - Funkie Frankie Child Costume

Funkie Frankie Child Costume

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Zombies - Zombie Girl Costume for Girl's

Zombie Girl Costume for Girl's

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Zombies - Zombie School Costume for Girls

Zombie School Costume for Girls

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The legends have evolved, however, and today's zombies are much different. The Night of the Living Dead movie perhaps started the new perception of these mythical creatures. The monsters hunger for human flesh, and in a sequel, specifically want brains. The cause of the Zombie infestation is often a virus, as depicted in the TV series Walking Dead and the movie World War Z. Walking Dead follows a small group of survivors who are trying to subsist in this apocalyptic world. Often, other humans are bigger threats to their survival than the undead. In World War Z, a father must leave his family to research the origins of the plague in hopes of finding a vaccine or cure.

Your little girl may be your sweet angel, but she will have a lot of fun being a dangerous zombie when she wears one of our Halloween costumes for girls.

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