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What's on the big and small screen in front of your girl will certainly have an influence on her, and the girl's TV and Movie costumes collection is comprised of the most popular costumes, based on the characters your girl has seen. Disney, Monster High, and Angry Birds are just a few of your girl's favorite things out today. These costumes are replicas of the characters that have a big influence in her life.

TV and Movie - Child Supergirl Pink Costume

Child Supergirl Pink Costume

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TV and Movie - Wednesday Addams Girls' Costume

Wednesday Addams Girls' Costume

Our Price: $24.27
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TV and Movie - Jinx Classic G.I Joe Costume

Jinx Classic G.I Joe Costume

Our Price: $9.99
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TV and Movie - Princess Krystal Child Costume

Princess Krystal Child Costume

Our Price: $29.99
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TV and Movie - Girl's Hello Kitty Costume

Girl's Hello Kitty Costume

Our Price: $22.99
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Monster High is more web-based than movie- or TV-based, but that doesn't mean these girls don't make the circuit. These dolls are a popular phenomenon that make other dolls look bland by comparison. Your girl will look hip and cool wearing one of these chic outfits with a frightening touch. They are some of the most ideal outfits to wear on Halloween.

Other characters like princesses Rapunzel, Tiana, and Merida are new to the Disney scene and were first featured in their own films not too long ago. Since then, these characters have become just as popular as the tried and true classics of the '90s. Your daughter will be so thrilled to be one of the first little girls to wear a costume designed after these new princesses.

TV and Movie characters can play an influential part in a young girls life. The characters featured in these mediums are great role models for your girl to try and imitate, especially on Halloween.

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