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Trends are trends for a reason and if your girl enjoys what's most popular then she'll expect the same out of her Halloween experience this year. The girl's Top-Rated Halloween costumes feature the best of the best. Our most popular outfits from the last few years are here in this convenient page so that you and your daughter can find the right outfit that fits her style.

Top Rated - Minion Costume for Girls

Minion Costume for Girls

Our Price: $28.99
In Stock
Top Rated - Minion Costume for Girl's

Minion Costume for Girl's

Our Price: $11.69
In Stock
Top Rated - Emerald Juliet Costume for Girl's

Emerald Juliet Costume for Girl's

Our Price: $40.49
Out of Stock

Halloween gives the girls the opportunity to wear big fluffy dresses, so it's no surprise that many of our most top rated costumes in this collection are made up of princess dresses featured in Disney. Your girl will certainly feel like she's living a fairy tale when dressed as any one of the princesses from the popular franchise. In addition to those outfits, we also feature unique ones that are in the same style as Disney but are completely new in their own way.

Other popular characters featured on this page are mermaids, superheroes, Monster High characters, and cats. Your girl has the power of her imagination on her side, and she may become whatever she wants. These costumes are ideal for Halloween and for everyday play with her friends.

Top Rated costumes will make your daughter's upcoming Halloween a day to remember for a long time. There are few things as important in a young child's life than making the decision for a costume to wear.

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