Becoming a superhero doesn't require a special ability like flight or super strength. Sometimes the only thing necessary is the determination to do good and stand up for what's right. The girls' Superheroes costumes feature outfits that the boys would be jealous of. These costumes are designed after established characters who fight crime and save the world from doom.

SuperHeroes - Girls Robin Tween Costume

Girls Robin Tween Costume

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SuperHeroes - American Dream Shoes Kids Costume

American Dream Shoes Kids Costume

Our Price: $12.97
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SuperHeroes - Child Spider-Girl Tween Costume

Child Spider-Girl Tween Costume

Our Price: $39.99
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SuperHeroes - American Dream Tween Costume for Kids

American Dream Tween Costume for Kids

Our Price: $39.99
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SuperHeroes - Child's Cape

Child's Cape

Our Price: $6.97
Out of Stock

Halloween certainly is the most appropriate time to wear an outfit like this, but every day can be the best time to go out and pretend to be a superhero. Your daughter has the choice of becoming a Power Ranger, Batgirl, Supergirl, and several other women who kick butt and save the day. Several of the costumes come with a mask so that her secret identity may stay a secret. One important rule of being a hero is to never gloat about it.

One of our most popular costumes in the past year has been anything featuring Catwoman. This character is a cat-burglar-turned-ally in the Batman universe, and she is quite crafty and strong in a battle. We have many different characters for your girl to choose from and the most difficult part about this Halloween will be choosing the hero that your girl wants to be.

Crime never sleeps and neither does the need to do good. These superhero outfits will transform your girl into the paragon of justice and she'll receive candy as her reward for her civic duty.

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