Spooky and cute all rolled into one, the girls horror costumes are ideal for the scariest night of the year. These outfits take some of the most frightening themes, like ghosts, skeletons, and vampires, and sizes them down to fit your girl. She'll look ferocious, but that ferocity can easily be tempered with the right kind of candy being thrown into her trick-or-treating sack.

Horror - Zombie School Costume for Girls

Zombie School Costume for Girls

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Many of these costumes feature elements that shimmer and break up the monotony of black with dazzling and gruesome skulls. The skeleton costumes feature bone details while still retaining elements of girlie flair, such as skirts and leggings. These juxtapositions make the costumes that much more desirable because they embrace the best of both worlds.

Several of the ghost-like outfits feature designs like deliberately frayed fabric, lace, and an off-white color that reminds one of corpses. These particular outfits always look pretty in a sad way, which is absolutely fitting considering that these costumes are meant to evoke the spirit of being a ghost. Your girl will find one of these lots of fun to wear because she'll be able to scare many of her friends when she goes out trick-or-treating.

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, so make sure your girl gets the most out of it by purchasing her a spooky and cool Horror costume from this page.

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