Your daughter has a fighting spirit that is equal to if not better than those of the boys. The girls' military costumes feature outfits that will get your daughter marching. These outfits feature different branches of the military, some of which are fictional, too. She will look like the ideal little patriot when she puts on combat boots and camouflage attire.

Military - Major Flirt Tween Costume

Major Flirt Tween Costume

Our Price: $16.19
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Military - Jinx Classic G.I Joe Costume

Jinx Classic G.I Joe Costume

Our Price: $12.99
Out of Stock
Military - Sea Sweetie Girls Costume

Sea Sweetie Girls Costume

Our Price: $17.99
Out of Stock

The army teaches one about responsibility, following the rules, and the importance of leaving no one behind. The green army outfits we offer are designed to make it appear tactical. Make sure she learns the proper way to salute so that she can impress her commanding officers with her training. This costume will set your girl apart from all of her friends, who will most certainly be wearing princess dresses and other similar types of outfits.

If she would prefer to get her feet wet instead, we also have navy uniforms made in extra, extra small. These costumes are a lovely shade of blue and are reminiscent of a classic period in American history. A sailor hat and a red bow are a nice touch to make this cute outfit something that your girl would want to wear over and over.

This may not be the typical attire expected for your daughter to wear but these uniforms will be dazzling on her. Military costumes will be trend that you can set yourself.

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