Halloween doesn't have to be all spooky thrills and scary pranks. Your girl can also dress up in costumes which are gut-busting in a fun way. The girls humorous costumes are a collection of different outfits which will get people laughing. Spooky costumes may be the expected norm on Halloween, but making neighbors laugh will almost certainly result in more candy at the end of the night. This is something very important to think about.

Humorous - Kid's Dotsy the Clown Costume

Kid's Dotsy the Clown Costume

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Humorous - Kids Fur-Ocious Creature Costume

Kids Fur-Ocious Creature Costume

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Humorous - Children's Ear O' Corn Costume

Children's Ear O' Corn Costume

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Humorous - Girl's Fuzzy Fox Costume

Girl's Fuzzy Fox Costume

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One of the most amusing types of costumes your girl could dress up in is a food one. Giant food possesses that quality that makes it funny simply because it looks so absurd. Your daughter could transform into a tomato, a husk of corn, or a banana. These body suits feature arm and leg holes and a cutout for a face, made to fit all shapes and sizes of girls. Other funny costumes feature assorted colors of crayons and franchised characters like the different birds in the Angry Birds video games. These costumes are designed to mimic the look of the particular products and characters exactly, making them so silly that one cannot help but crack a smile.

Funny costumes have more utility than scary ones, too, so if you want to dress your child up in an outfit for several different types of events over the year, then this category is a great place to find the right fit.

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