Your daughter is already a treasure to you, so it's no big leap to see her be a magical creature who lives in a golden vessel. The girl's Genie costumes category is comprised of assorted costumes that look like they've been pulled right out of a charmed time in Arabia. In order to give your girl the ability to grant three wishes to others, you must grant hers by purchasing her the right costume to fit the role.

Genies - Dream Genie Costume for Girls

Dream Genie Costume for Girls

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The popular television show from the 1960s brought a genie to the living room of American families all over the nation. We feature I Dream of Genie costumes, which are replicas of the pink harem outfit made famous by Barbara Eden. The outfit features a hat with an attached veil, a hot pink top, and attached light pink pants. All your girl will need to do is wiggle her nose and make wishes come true.

Other genie outfits feature similar dress styles that will look bold and new in comparison to the princess costumes most other girls your daughter's age will be wearing. This type of costume shows that your daughter is free of gender specified requirements, which is the real magic at work here with this choice.

Three wishes must be granted, so your girl's friends will have to think hard about what they want. Genie costumes are unique and possess a cool and confident style all their own.

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