Dress Up

You don't have to wait for a holiday or party in order to dress up and have fun. Let your little girls imagination run wild with our girls dress up costume selection. So who's your favorite character? Whats your favorite magical tool? Do you prefer a wand, an explorers bag or wearing a crown. No matter what you choose just close your eyes and when they reopen you'll be in your own little land of make believe.

Don't worry we've got you covered, we have a long list of themes and characters that will suit your daughters big imagination. Just set up an area for her to play, it doesn't matter if its in the backyard or in the garage. Just give her a blanket and watch her go! She'll have a cute little castle, house or hospital in no time at all. But watch out you'll soon be invited to have tea time or to be her new victim. Can you imagine your families face when in the den she puts on this special play.

As she gets older she'll need more accessories to complement her growing mind and her body. Then she'll ask for props and even more dress, which you'll gladly buy just to see her smile. Her friends will join in and makeup will be needed. Can you see what a great picture this could be?

Get your camera ready, for all those adorable photos that will become a big hit on your social network but don't forget to save those photos for memorable moments when you look back through the years in your scrapbook.

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